Popular Finnish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

21 Jorma Finnish Farmer. M
22 Jukka Finnish Finnish form of John. M
23 Jussi Finnish Finnish form of John. M
24 Kaarl Finnish Strong. M
25 Kaarle Finnish Strong. M
26 Kaarlo Finnish Strong. M
27 Kaisa Finnish Pure. F
28 Kal Finnish Strong. M
29 Kalevi Finnish Hero. M

30 Kalle Finnish A form of Carol. F
31 Kalle Finnish Strong. M
32 Kalwa Finnish Heroine. F
33 Katri Finnish Pure. F
34 Katrikki Finnish Pure. F
35 Katrina Finnish Pure. F
36 Kerrttu Finnish Finnish form of Gertrude. F
37 Kivi Finnish Stone. M
38 Kyllikki Finnish Woman of strength. F
39 Laila Finnish Light. F
40 Liisa Finnish Consecrated to God. F