Baby Naming Tips

Finding Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names that are just perfectcan seem like a daunting task. However, there are many ways to make it easier, and it’s important to remember that this should be an enjoyable time.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing Baby Names and Meanings:

  1. Keep a list of all the names you’ve thought of handy, so you can add new ones to it as you think of them.
  2. Baby boy names-crying baby girl

    Try shouting out the name you’ve chosen and see if it still sounds good to you!

    Talk about it with others. If you’re comfortable with the entire family getting involved, don’t be afraid to ask them what they think.

  3. If you don’t want to be pressured by others in the naming process, consider not telling people the names you have chosen until after the birth.
  4. Be compromising with your spouse. It’s important that you both like what you’ve chosen. If necessary, use one choice for the given and one for the middle name.
  5. Choose names for both genders even if the ultrasound has told you are having one sex or the other. They do sometimes get it wrong!
  6. Be flexible. If possible have a couple of choices picked out. You may find that when your baby finally makes his appearance he doesn’t look like an “Andrew” at all!
  7. Most children have 3 names, but this isn’t mandatory. If you prefer, you can choose to use just a middle initial, or have no middle or several middle names. Remember, however, that a very long name can be a problem in the future when filling out forms!
  8. Think carefully about using the same first initial as another member of the family—this can become inconvenient later on when initials are used to identify possessions in the household.
  9. Consider calling your baby by their middle name if the first must be handed down. This avoids the “Junior” complex and makes your child feel like an individual.
  10. If using a family name, ask around to see if other relatives intend to use the same one, so you don’t have many family members with exactly the same name.
  11. If you don’t want to use family names try using just the initials. If your father’s given and middle names are “Robert Douglas” you may decide to name your baby “Ryan David”.
  12. You can use ethnic variations of names. If your grandfather was called Giovanni, for instance, you may choose “John” which is the English form of that Italian name.
  13. Baby boy names-beautiful baby

    Be Flexible. Choose several names, just in case your baby doesn’t seem to suit the one name you’ve chosen!

    Another common choice is to use the Mother’s maiden name as a first or middle name.

  14. If you are stuck on 2 choices and can’t decide which one to use, consider combining them. For example, Carleigh and Katelyn.
  15. Avoid cutesy names or using a nickname. This can backfire if your child is 65 and still going by the name of “Baby”.
  16. Beware of names you give your baby while you are pregnant. Sometimes they can stick. You don’t want your baby going through life being called, “Peanut”!
  17. Don’t name your baby after a beloved pet! Your son might find it disconcerting to discover that you named him “Ben” after your favorite goldfish!
  18. Don’t choose the name of someone you dislike. Even if you love it, you might find it difficult to get over the negative connotations this name brings with it.
  19. Don’t tell your other children that they can name the baby. You’d be surprised at how many Sponge Bob Square Pants we’d have if everyone did this!
  20. Say your choice out loud—does it sound good? Melodious, harsh?
  21. Shout it out the back door several times. Do you feel comfortable using this name?
  22. Don’t be pressured by anyone. The important thing about this decision is that the name is one you and your partner like.
  23. Don’t rush. This is an important decision—names are permanent things! Take your time and really enjoy the process.

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