First Name Meanings-What’s In A Name?

Can First Name Meanings affect who your baby will become? Throughout time there has been a belief that Names and their Meanings can actually influence the development and ultimate personality of a person. In fact, the Romans had a saying, “Nomen est omen”, which means “Names are destiny”.

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Will The Baby Name And Meaning You Give Your Child Affect Who They Grow To Be?

With this in mind, it doesn’t seem unusual that today’s parents spend so much time and energy considering First Name Meanings for their babies. But, is there any scientific backing for these beliefs? Well, the simple answer seems to be that there is no simple answer!

Some studies have indicated that children with less desirable names may have lower self-esteem and get poorer grades than those with more popular names. Other studies have indicated that career success can be based on how well a person’s name matches their vocation. For example an “Anastasia” would make a better ballerina than a “Bertha”. And a “Hank” would be a better mechanic than a “Percy”.

This being said, there seems to be as much research that states that a name is unlikely to be a significant factor in most children’s development. And there are myriads of examples of adults with unusual names who have been incredibly successful—how about Tiger, Elvis, Whoopi, and Oprah for example? Children with unusual names often rise to the occasion and revel in their uniqueness.

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People Can Get A First Impression Of You As Soon As They Hear Your Name.

So why do we think that the name we give our child is so important? Perhaps it’s because a name often affects the first impression that someone has of a person. Names can instantly transmit a feeling or image to people, and they can create a preconceived notion of who we are to others. Parents are trying to hedge their children’s bets by giving them names that create a good first impression.

Another possible reason that parents work so hard at picking a names is that they are trying to implant a desired quality in their children, like Hope, Chastity, or Harmony. Parents are trying, through the naming process, to look into the future and determine names that will suit their children’s personality, or the personality the parent would like them to have.

We will probably never know exactly to what extent a name affects the developmental process of a child. Scientists have all agreed that this is impossible to study properly using scientific procedure. However, it seems reasonable to assume that your baby will have the name you choose for him or her for a lifetime. And there doesn’t’t seem to be any doubt that a name can help to support self-esteem and it is something that you want your child to take pride in.

All in all, picking the “perfect name” for your baby can seem like a daunting challenge and a huge responsibility. However, the most important thing to remember is that helping your baby grow up with confidence and a good self image will get them through life successfully– no matter what their name is. And the greatest truth about names is probably found in the saying, “A name does not make the person; but rather, the person makes the name.”

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