Uncommon And Unusual Baby Names

Unusual Baby Names, as well as Uncommon Baby Names are gaining momentum as choices for babies. There is a great trend today towards names that are unique and creative, and North American parents are going far a field to find Baby Names that sound delightful, have great meanings, and fit comfortably into American culture.

There are many wonderful sources for these Uncommon and Unusual Baby Names. They are often from far-away lands that give us a sense of mystery and romance. For instance:

Vietnamese Names Are Usually Short, Poetic, And Reflect Beautiful Sentiments Such As Nature, Love And Peace. Uncommon and unusual baby names-smiling girl


A Girls Name Meaning
Fairy, Spirit, Or Angel


Africans Believe That The Name Chosen For Their Children Will Exert An Influence On The Life Of That Child. African Names Are Appealing And Melodic, And Often Their Meanings Coincide With The Day The Child Was Born, Or The Parent’s Reaction To The Birth. Unusual and uncommon baby names-girl reaching out


A Girl’s Name Meaning Born On Tuesday


Hawaiian Names Are Full Of Vowel Sounds And Melody. They Are Soft And Flowing And Describe Lovely Sentiments And/Or Nature. Uncommon and unusual baby names-handsome boy


Of The Heavens

The choices are boundless, and you can be sure that picking an unusual, uncommon, or exotic name will give your child something to be proud of and something that is meaningful to him or her.

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