Many People Have Asked Why The Optimizer Works So Well. Here Are Some Answers To That Question:

Q. Is The Baby Names Optimizer easy to use?

A. Definitely. We have divided the Optimizer’s questionnaire into 17 different categories. Each of these has an easy-to-use drop down list of your available choices. Simply click on the choice that appeals most to you.

Q. How many names are in the Optimizer’s database?

A. At present there are 7800 names in our database and we are constantly adding to this number.


Q. How long does it take to do a Baby Names Optimization search?

A. This depends on how much thought you put into each of your criteria choices! However, on average each Optimization search takes only a minute or so. Be warned, however, that it’s easy to get lost in the fun of these searches and it may be a while before you want to leave your computer!

Q. How long does it take to get my search results?

A. This is where computers and software programmers really come in handy! A search similar to the Optimizer’s is probably impossible for a human to do-and if they could, it would take hours upon hours to complete. The Optimizer will have your results for you in seconds!

Q. How does The Optimizer differ from other Baby Name Search tools?

A. The Optimizer has several key differences. Probably the most significant one is that each name has been sorted into 17 different categories instead of the 3 or 4 that other baby name websites and books use (ie gender, starting letter, meaning, and ethnicity).

Q. How exactly are your Baby Names categorized?

A. Our categories are based on the gender, basic name structure, name type and style, ethnicity and origins, and possible meanings of your desired name. Each category has up to 20 possible choices for you to pick from.

Q. Why is your categorization and sorting process so important?

A. With over 250 choices in 17 different categories, The Optimizer produces more accurate search results with possibilities for many name style, meaning, and origin combinations.

Q. Why doesn’t The Optimizer use “word strings” when searching for name meanings?

A. Using “word strings” for a search means that the exact words you search on must be included in the name’s meaning. The Optimizer has organized every name in its database into meaning categories so you get all the names with the meaning you’re looking for. For example, searches for “beautiful” will also result in names meaning “pretty”, “fair”, “attractive”, “alluring”, “appealing”, “comely”, “good-looking”, etc…

Q. Why isn’t your database as large as some of the other websites and baby name books?

A. Many other baby name websites and books include numerous spelling variations and extremely far-fetched names in their database. We don’t want to clutter your search results with names that are way too similar or are simply unappealing!

Q. How can The Optimizer give 30 name results for every search when other search tools often give only a few results?

A. Other searches often produce only 1 or 2 names; and sometimes even “no names match your search criteria”. This is because as soon as a name is found to not match one of the search criteria it’s discarded by the search tool. The Optimizer analyses every name in its database and returns with the 30 names that best match the most of your choices and importance ratings. You get 30 wonderful names with every search.

Q. Why do I have to rate the importance of all my choices?

A. By rating each of your choices according to its importance to you (either low, medium, or high) you let the Optimizer know exactly what your priorities are when looking for a baby name.

Q. How complicated can I make my baby name criteria choices?

A. With 17 different categories to work with, your search can be pretty much as complex as you would like. It is possible to choose “no preference” in most of the categories, but we have found that specifying at least 5 criteria gives the best results.

Q. What kind of results do I get?

A. You will get 30 names with every Optimization search you perform. This list will consist of the names that best match the choices you indicated on the questionnaire and the importance rating you gave to each choice

Q. Can I print my results?

A. Yes. There is a printer friendly version of your results available on each of your results page. You are also emailed a copy of your results after each search.

Q. Can I just go ahead and start using The Optimizer?

A. Absolutely. It’s free and ready to go.