Get Ready To Optimize. Its As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Select one choice in each of the 17 naming preference categories.

  • You may choose “no preference” in a number of categories, however, for the best results we strongly recommend indicating a preference in a minimum of 5 of the categories.

Step 2. Rate the importance of each of your choices as low, medium, or high.

  • Giving your most desired choice a higher importance rating will return results that are more relevant to that choice.

    Step 3. Find helpful hints in the  (hint box) associated with each category.

  • Each hint box contains descriptions, definitions, and suggestions that will help you be even more successful with your optimization trials.


An Important Reminder

Unlike most other search tools, the Optimizer analyzes every name in its database with reference to every one of your naming preferences. It then returns with the 30 names that best match the greatest number of your choices. So keep in mind, that if you indicate a desire for a Japanese name, the Optimizer will not disregard all names that are not Japanese. However, it will put a higher value on those names that are. Therefore, you may receive results of non-Japanese names if they correspond with your other naming selections.

This insures that you will obtain the absolute best selection of names for your specific baby naming preferences.

Have Fun!